ILEA Canada Full Membership is available in the following categories:

  • Corporate Primary Membership is company owned and is transferable at the request of the company by written notification to ILEA Canada.
  • Additional Corporate Member is a subsequent membership for a company that currently holds a corporate primary membership. This can be transferred at the request of the company by written notification to ILEA Canada.
  • Individual Member is a personally owned membership that is non-transferable.
  • Non-Profit is any representative employed by a non-profit agency, tax exempt foundation, government, or philanthropic organization.

To join as a FULL member, please visit


Student Membership is available with the following conditions:

  • Students can be part or full time and must be enrolled in a recognized certificate program.
  • Student members must volunteer for ten (10) hours to their ILEA chapter per year, helping with chapter meetings, mailings, and other chapter business.
  • Students will not have a listing on the ILEA web site, will not be permitted to use Member Discounts, cannot vote on chapter business or hold an office in ILEA.
  • Students will not be permitted to use the ILEA logo on business cards or any promotional material.
  • Student memberships can be held for a maximum of four years
  • Students memberships can only be held while a student is enrolled in a post-secondary institution and cannot be extended beyond their date of graduation

To join as a STUDENT member, download and complete the Student Membership Application

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