About Us


ILEA Canada provides a forum for event professionals in all disciplines across the country to network, learn, and exchange best practices with other event industry leaders from around the world.

ILEA Canada is one of three autonomous affiliates of ILEA International. We have the freedom to make our own decisions and set policies within the guidelines of our International Affiliate agreement. We provide support to the four existing Canadian chapters: Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton, as well as all Canadian members at large. We encourage and provide support to other Canadian cities that wish to form new Canadian ILEA chapters.

Our National board seeks to:

  • Increase membership growth and satisfaction
  • Provide chapters and members the support and resources they need to reach their ILEA goals
  • Help chapters collaborate and share ideas and resources
  • Enable chapters and members to benefit from the connection with ILEA Canada and ILEA International
  • Ensure national cohesiveness in ILEA Canada branding and national initiatives
  • Operate in the most time efficient and effective manner, maximizing everyone’s volunteer contributions

Our national board, as well as all four chapter boards are inspired and empowered to really make a difference in what we can provide to our members. From excellence in programming to education, networking opportunities, communications and member benefits, ILEA leaders across the country are working hard for you.

I thank all of our volunteer leaders who are work hard to bring value, and invite all members and soon to be members to get involved. As with any association, the more you put in, the more you receive. I hope to see you at one of the many chapter meetings and events across the country during the year.

Angela Braun CSEP, PMP
President, ILEA Canada